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Anyuta Gusakova

Anyuta Gusakova

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Vancouver, BC

Anyuta is a Russian-born and classically trained Canadian artist. Her mediums of choice are multimedia sculpture, painting and ceramics. Her artistic style combines principles of classical art with craft applications, folk decorative motifs, surrealist, dreamy and mythical subject matter and modern expressions. Anyuta’s sculptures have been on a public display at the Vancouver International Airport and the Vancouver Playhouse.

In 2017 Anyuta won the design challenge and created a new national Canadian Legend Award, initiated by the Canadian College of Performing Arts and granted to David Foster in summer of 2017. Her works were finalists of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts 22nd National Ceramic Competition, the 2nd International Ceramic Art Competition in Roseville California, the Vancouver IronCladArt design
challenge, and Une Oeuvre de Faience, the 5th international ceramic sculpture competition in France. Anyuta recently completed an art residency with the Pottery Northwest ceramic arts center in Seattle, WA.



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