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Vanja Brankovic

Vanja Brankovic

Amity Jewellery Design

Medium: Jewelry
Location: Vancouver, BC
Member Since 1999


Every piece of jewelry handcrafted at Amity Jewellery Design is deeply connected to my story and detail- to my childhood, my encounters with nature and my love for patterns reflected in ancient silver filigree work, traditional to my homeland in former Yugoslavia. Initiated by my grandmother who introduced me to a world of infinite lace patterns, moving from ancient expression to a modern story, my jewellery is deeply connected to roots, to loved ones, to soul searching and to quiet place. It connects to the world and way of nature, representing unity and cycles of life.


When we create, we are guided by intuition, intention, excitement and love until the physical manifestation represents the fine tune of our being. Every day is a new opportunity to manifest something that resonates with our feelings, inspiration and beauty from within. When our life becomes creative, we feel close to the Source, we embody love.


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