Featured Exhibitor Zucchini

38th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market
More than 280 artisans from coast to coast

The 2011 Market will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre West, 1055 Canada Place, November 9-13, 2011.

(Tickets are available for purchase on our website, www.circlecraft.net/ticket, where you'll find a $2 discount as well as a 2-for-1 special for Wednesday and Thursday evenings!)

Each week leading up to the Market, we’re featuring exhibiting artists. Today, we’re highlighting Zucchini by Valerie Avondo (Pointe Claire, QC), new to the Market in 2011!


Valerie Avondo, a young fashion designer from France, settled in Canada five years ago. Inspired by her various trips around the world and her three young children, she designs a line of unique hats for kids, as well as for adults.


Playing around with shapes, textures and