Frequent Q&A's

Where can I buy tickets?
Either online, at the Granville Island store, or at the show’s box office at the entrance of the show.

Who do I call if I have had difficulties printing my ticket?
Online tickets are issued through Tix123, call them on 1-888-780-9825 Ext. 210 (Business Hours Only) or visit the box office at the show.

Where is coat check?

In the main lobby, at the bottom of the escalators.  There is a $2 fee for this service.

Where is the parcel check?
Yes, inside the show floor near the North wall washrooms.  For a fee of $2, packages can be stored for the duration of one day(in and out privileges).

Where are tickets held for pick-up?

Will Call, located in main lobby beside the box office.

Can I come back another day?
Yes, as always, we are pleased to offer free unlimited re-admission for any day of the show. Your initial ticket purchase entitles you to unlimited re-entry (offer is non-transferable and applies to ticket purchasers ONLY). To obtain your free re-entry pass, please be sure to visit the 're-entry' table located beside the Information Booth before you leave. We will ask that you sign at the time of picking this up and again when you re-enter on another day.

Where are the washrooms?
There are 3 public washrooms. Lobby (west side wall); along the back/North wall of the Exhibit Hall; and to the right side of the restaurant.

Lost articles?
Throughout the show, go to Information Booth – Inside main entrance. At the end of the show, lost articles will be transferred to the main Convention Centre Information Desk on the street level.

Lost Credit Card?

Go to the Info Booth.  After the show, any lost cards will be returned to the issuing institution.

Where are the ATM machines?
Yes, 5 – in the lobby, the main entrance (near Info Booth) on the lower left corner (SW) and at the back of the show close to the washrooms.

Where is the Stage?
The performance area is located just inside the main entrance of the show.  There is a carpeted area allocated for performances.

Where is the green room (for performers)?
Beside the performance area.

Is there a parent’s room?
Close to the back of Exhibit Hall, near the washrooms.

Where is the on-site restaurant?

Towards the rear of Exhibit Hall, left hand side.

Transportation & Parking?

Skytrain and Seabus – Waterfront Station, a block east of the New Vancouver Convention Centre, north foot of Granville Street, 601 W. Cordova Street.
Buses – All downtown buses are within 2 blocks of the Vancouver Convention Centre.
Taxis – outside the Pan Pacific Hotel is a taxi stand.
Parking – Meter parking (limited) in the Vinci parking located within the Vancouver Convention Centre; and several other lots within 2 blocks.

Wheelchair Availability?
Yes, wheelchairs can be signed out from Coat Check on a first come first serve basis.