Student Scholarship Exhibition

Thursday, February 2, 2017 to Monday, February 27, 2017

Jessica Mok

The Digital Age has expanded the ability to communicate information using technological advances such as emails, text messages, and video chats, making indirect contact a common practice. However, while this may be a step towards efficient communication, there have also been compromised. Going in Circles is a ceramic installation that speaks about the 21st century as a period of rapidity where rushing and using the minimal time for the task is praised, incubating a culture where people are gradually not talking with each other, but past one another. 


Elnaz is originally from Iran where she completed her bachelor degree in Biology there and then became interested in photography and painting. After she moved to Canada she wanted to pursue her dream and become a jewelry designer, then she applied for a course in jewelry art and design. Along her first year of school she also became interested in Gemology and she took the accelerated program in this field, and she could pass her FCGmA exam with distinguished result. In year 2016 Elnaz has completed her second year successfully, and she received Circle Craft scholarship award for her overall work.