Gallery Archive 2013



March 1 – April 9
Ceramics Group Show
Featuring work from: Judith Burke, Mary Fox, Gordon Hutchens, Laurie Rolland, Rachelle Chinnery, Tanis Saxby, and Jeremy Hatch





April 12 – May 28
Glass Group Show
Featuring work from: Jeff Burnette, Wayne Harjula, Lisa Samphire, Jan Benda, Joanne Andrighetti, Naoko Takenouchi, and Minori Takagi






May 31 – July 9
Fibre Group Show
Featuring work from: Vanessa Cunningham, Kristen Chursinoff, Bettina Matzkuhn, and Kaija Rautianen






July 12 – August 27
Wood Group Show
Featuring work from: Dale Rouleau, Claudia Hayward, Sandy Dougal, Neno Catania, Rainer Schmid, Ed Pretty, Judson Beaumont, and Jason Marlow






August 29 – October 1
Metal Group Show (Part 1)
Featuring work from: Brian Hoyano and Roberto Fioravanti






November 1 – November 28
Metal Group Show (Part 2)
Featuring work from: Vesna Yankovic, Louise Valentine, and Brian Provencher