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Christmas Market Preview exhibit at Circle Craft Gallery in October
Vancouver – Circle Craft Co-operative is pleased to present “Christmas Market Preview,” October 3-29, 2013, in their gallery in Net Loft on Granville Island. “Christmas Market Preview” is a preview gallery exhibition by artists exhibiting at the annual Circle Craft Christmas Market in the new West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre, November 7 - 11, 2013. Artists in the Preview exhibition are: Olga Osnach, Eric Munshaw & Edna Hobbs, Vanessa Yanow, Marjorie Labrèque-Lepage & Arianne Valade, and Ashleigh Moore.
Olga Osnach: Madre Olius Studio (Surrey)
Olga Osnach began drawing at a very early age and attended Taras Shevchenko State Art School in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 15, Olga moved to Krasnodar, Russia where she finished art college.
In 2008, she discovered polymer clay while taking some courses in the “Olga Tamoykina & Marina Pribelskaya’s Art Dolls Workshop” in Moscow and began experimenting firstly with dolls, and then with the figures of animals.
Most of Olga’s miniatures are charming leverets simulating real ones or carrying unexpected pictures on their backs. These cute little animals are now the basis of her creativity. More information at:
Eric Munshaw & Edna Hobbs: EntWood Turnings (Chilliwack)
Eric Munshaw has enjoyed turning wood in the Chilliwack River Valley for over 25 years.
He began working with wood in 1974 and bought his first lathe shortly after moving into the valley in 1983. He uses woods with unique grains and markings salvaged from private land and exchanges finished bowls for the wood he is given.
All woods are salvaged from previously fallen trees and are finished so that wet foods will not harm the wood and bowls can be washed by hand. Woods used include maple, walnut, pine, cedar, fruit woods, elm, and many more from local trees, resulting in beautiful salad bowls, trays, and rolling pins.
His wife, Edna Hobbs, began selling Eric’s bowls at local craft fairs and has now established a small business named EntWood Turnings. EntWood Turnings bowls have found homes in every continent now except Antarctica. More information at:
Vanessa Yanow (Montreal)
Vanessa Yanow is a Montreal born and based artist who works primarily with textiles, flame worked glass, and found objects. Vanessa has received numerous grants and scholarships, and has been reviewed and featured in many North American publications as an exceptionally fine craftsperson; but her BFA in Paint from RISD points the way back to a grounding in the visual arts, lending her work a unique strength that defies categorization.Her jewellery and sculptural creations have been reviewed and highlighted in several magazines and newspapers. She has been profiled on TV5 and has received several grants and awards for her work in the arts. Her sculptural work has been shown in museums in Canada, and in galleries and art fairs internationally. Her sculptural work is part of the city of Montreal’s permanent collection and in the Musée National in Quebec City.
Vanessa currently lives and works in Montreal at the Long Haul – a visual art workspace for local artists,
gallery, and non-profit organization that she co-founded in 2001 with her life partner John Tinholt. More information at:
Marjorie Labrèque-Lepage & Arianne Valade: Velvet Moustache (Montreal)
After six years of studying fashion design, founder of Velvet Moustache, Majorie Labrèque-Lepage, started her own business, eventually settling into the niche of unique soft stuffed animals. In 2007, Velvet Moustache was born.
The Montreal-based company crafts cushions designed after native creatures of Quebec – owls, caribou, foxes – as well as other beloved creatures. Velvet Moustache is the creativity of two innovators, creators of high-quality, fun, and ethical products. Organic cotton and recycled materials are used to create the creatures.
At Velvet Moustache, each new creation perpetuates the ethical values of the company while cultivating
creativity, quality, and avant-gardism. The company marries eco-responsibility, fun, and creativity. More information at:
Ashleigh Moore: Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewellery (Okotoks, AB)
Ashleigh Amber Moore is a practicing artist working predominantly in metal, but her work encompasses glass, fashion, and photography. She has lived all over BC and now resides in Okotoks, Alberta.
She works with various materials such as stainless, sterling, acrylic, and wood, to create simple architectural pieces that are both timeless and beautiful. She graduated with a BFA in 2010 from Alberta College of Art and Design. From there, she worked under Karen Konzuk where she learned many techniques and where she developed her style.
Ashleigh is an avid adventurer. Being outside and enjoying the splendours of nature has led her to explore numerous metal techniques that mimic colours and textures in nature. More information at: