Circle Craft members include both emerging and established craftspeople whose unique works encompass the traditional and the contemporary and demonstrate excellence in design and craftsmanship. Any British Columbia resident whose work has been accepted by the Circle Craft Selection jury may become a member. Members must purchase five shares at $5.00 each for a total of $25.00, redeemable when the member leaves the Co-op, and pay an annual fee of $26.25 ($25 + GST) due each January 1st. (Note: each member is a single voting entity regardless of the number of shares owned.)

CIRCLE CRAFT SHOP & GALLERY IS OPEN 10am to 7pm - seven days a week
1-1666 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2
Telephone 604-669-8021 | Fax 604-669-8585

Circle Craft is currently accepting applications.

Selections occur twice a year; the cut off dates are February 28 for the Spring Selections Jury  and August 31 for the Fall Jury.

Circle Craft Selections Process to become a Member of Circle Craft Co-op.
The Selections Committee considers submissions from British Columbian craftspeople who are interested in marketing their work through Circle Craft Co-operative on Granville Island. The Committee is comprised of Circle Craft Board members, Circle Craft Co-op Members, the co-op Manager, and individuals from the community who have an interest or professional association with craft. The submission process is divided into 2 stages: Selections Stage 1 and Selections Stage 2.

Selections Criteria
The Selections Committee bases its decisions on the following criteria:
   - excellence of design and fabrication
   - uniqueness and/or originality of concept and design
   - is the work a duplication of what is being produced by the existing membership

Selections Stage 1
Interested individuals may submit by email (prefered) or by cd a jury package of their work to the Selections Committee to include all of the following:

- 6+ digital images of the artist’s work in jpeg format - these images should be of a quality that  best represents the work to be sold at Circle Craft
- the craftsperson's CV and photograph
- an artist statement
- specific information about the work concerning materials and process
- suggested retail prices for all images submitted
- full contact information, including current mailing address and email address

The text documents should be in separate Word documents. There is no cost to submit a cd jury package and all cd's will be kept on file for further reference if successful. If the cd jury package is to be returned, a stamped, self addressed envelope must be provided by the submitting craftsperson. No critiques are given. Selections Stage 1 material may be submitted throughout the year for the next jury session.

Please note: if you are unable to provide the above digital files then please contact the Store Director Kathryn Youngs at 604.801.5220 for guidance.

Selections Stage 1 material should be mailed to:

Attn: Selections Committee
Circle Craft
#203-1537 West 8th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J 1T5

If you are submitting your information electronically send to

Selections Stage 2
If an individual’s work from Selections Stage 1 is considered to be appropriate and of interest, the Selections Committee will then invite the craftsperson to submit actual samples of the work for further deliberation before a final decision is made. At this time, the established, non-refundable Selections Fee of $26.25 ($25 + GST) will apply. No critiques are given.

PLEASE NOTE: At the present time, Circle Craft does not accept the following:

* greeting cards
* hobby crafts
* photography
* flower arrangements or potpourri
* plants
* decorated stones, sea shells or other found objects
* transfers, decals, decoupage
* liquid embroidery
* work made from kits, commercial patterns (as from pattern books or magazines)
   or from assembled bought and found objects
* work made with a commercial product as the focal point
* work made with commercial moulds
* prints, paintings, graphics
* tolework
* food or cosmetic products

Current activities:
Scholarship fund for members only. Current members can
CLICK HERE to find out more information on applying.

Community outreach scholarship program for graduating students.
CLICK HERE for more information.

Gallery and Shop on Granville Island that displays members' work and hosts monthly gallery shows. CLICK HERE for more information.

Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. CLICK HERE for more information.