Rachelle Chinnery

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Having grown up in a suburb of Montreal, my very earliest memories of the natural world are of collecting tadpoles from ponds behind our house, of exploring the bit of wooded area not yet claimed for further development, and of tobogganing on the hillside of Mount Royal. But my first encounter with real wilderness was when I came to British Columbia in 1978. The monumental size of both the mountains and the ocean propelled my awareness away from the micro and into the macro.

When I began kayaking seven years ago, I discovered water as I had never known it before. Every day that I kayak, I feel the massive rising and heaving of the Pacific and every night I sleep listening to the surf crashing rhythmically onto the shore. I experience the tactile and auditory aspects of the waves synesthetically - in a visual pattern of line; later this patterning is carved into surfaces of thrown porcelain. When I carve, the hypnotic essence of the ocean is with me. Sculpting porcelain allows me to express the spirit and nature of water in movement and translucency.