Mary Fox

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Since my first exposure to ceramic arts at the age of 13, I have known that this was my life’s work. I am self-taught and have worked as a professional potter since 1979. I am now an established artist with international collectors, including Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza, Italy; Ultima Ventures Corporation, Calgary, Alberta; Praxis Design Company, Vancouver, BC; and many private collectors. I have exhibited since 1986, and my work has been featured in numerous books, journals and magazines. 

From my studio/residence in Ladysmith, BC, I create both functional and purely decorative works. My focus is on expressing the beauty and strength of pure form. Inspired by classic Greek vase, chalice, and amphora vessels, I use advanced throwing techniques to create tall and elegant decorative pieces with uniquely layered glaze finishes. I create almost all my own glazes and experiment endlessly to produce the textured crawl finishes that are my signature. I have also developed original clay and rock pedestals that anchor my narrow-stemmed vessels. 

My current work takes an exciting new direction – bringing my ideas to life in other media. In collaboration with glass blowers, I am interpreting my clay forms in glass. This in turn has led to new ideas that inform my clay designs and glazing methods, including the use of molds to create larger clay vessels. Through this experimental conversation between art forms, my work is moving into a new aesthetic dimension.  



I am self-taught, through studio experimentation, consulting library books, observing artists in their studios, and visiting numerous galleries, museums, and interior design shops.