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Creating and designing is nothing new to Cath Wood, she has been doing it most of her adult life.

Her mother, who was an experienced knitter, made sure she taught her daughters the fundamentals of knitting, how to adjust patterns and how to make different effects with different wools.

Cath also became a very talented tailor, again making variations to patterns as necessary. With the birth of grandchildren, teddy bears made their grand entry into Cath's life.

The first ones were very simple, but the children loved them, and so did lots of other people. That was 11 years ago and the creations are still coming. Cath figures there are about 2000 of her bears roaming around the world, being admired and appreciated by bear lovers.

Till now her work has been done in English, German and South African mohair but now in a very special yarn she has introduced the knitted bear.