2011 Gallery Shows

Circle Craft presents a new exhibition each month in the Gallery and the programme is booked a year in advance. Shows are invitational to members and non-members, and the Gallery Committee welcomes requests from any craftsperson who feels ready to mount a show. Click here on how to apply for a gallery show.


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February 4 – March 1

Annually, Circle Craft presents four $1,000 awards to graduating students from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Capilano University, Vancouver Community College, and the Kootenay School of the Arts.

We are happy to announce and congratulate Circle Craft’s 2010 Scholarship recipients: Difan Wu (Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Ceramics Program), Ana Sousa (Capilano University, Textile Arts Program), Chelsea Mainwaring (Kootenay School of the Arts, Metal Program) and Andrea Rokosz (Vancouver Community College, Jewellery Program).

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MARCH 2011

RUTH JONES – Tapestry
March 4 – April 5, 2011

Ruth Jones learned her European tapestry technique in Aubusson, France. Weaving of silk and wools into a cotton ‘warp’ thread to build intricate images and designs has been around for centuries. Recently, in her home based studio in Vancouver, Jones is creating works for executives, CEO’s, lawyers, and select private schools with her tapestry skills. Her background as a painter leads her to this detailed profitable career. About half of Jones’ business consists of local commissions, the rest comes from abroad. Weaving at a rate of two months for every square metre, Jones is only able to produce two to three tapestries per year. Jones’ magnificent work reflects both the time which it took to produce, and its timelessness. She excels in this art form.

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APRIL 2011

JASON MARLOW – Wood Turning
April 8 – May 3, 2011

Jason is a well established wood turner currently based on Vancouver Island. He produces large scale wall pieces and intricate hollow turnings. He is known for a range of objects inspired by forests, rivers, mountains and wildlife.

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 MAY 2011

May 6 – 31, 2011

Fascinated with the expressive elasticity of wrought iron, Miran forges metal into beautiful abstract shapes, utilitarian or sculptural. Metal works, hand-crafted and often custom-made, are the epitome of his ironwork. Softness and subtlety intertwines with Miran’s craft of artistic forging.

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 JUNE 2011

June 3 – July 5, 2011

Jeff Burnette has been working in hot glass since 1979. In this time, Jeff has developed his own unique line of work, including a stunning line of stemware, larger works like the Incalmo Vessel series, and the funky, unique, and signature "Raygunz." Jeff studied at Sheridan College of Art and Design in Ontario and Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State. He has also participated in numerous advanced glass workshops, where he has worked with some of the top hot glass artists in the world.

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 JULY 2011

July 8 – August 2, 2011

This collection of Barbara Cohen’s jewlery and Peter Pierobon’s woodworking is a match that one should not miss. Cohen often uses unconventional materials, often out of context to draw viewer’s attention, questions and preconceived values of notions. Her work is intimate, and illustrates a commitment to refinement that speaks to her sensibilities. 


Pierobon’s inspiration is derived from the world of fine art and in particular from indigenous cultures. He seeks to establish a fresh relationship between primitive and sophisticated, traditional and modern, while maintaining structural integrity and respect for the fine craft tradition. This collaboration has inspired these artist to marry their skills for the Circle Craft July 2011 Gallery Exhibit.

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 AUGUST 2011

August 5 - 30, 2011

Jones’ education and training from Vancouver Community College, apprenticeship in Hamburg Germany and residency in Fiskars, Finland have all contributed to the unique style and dramatic tension in her work. This gallery presentation is of her hand crafted Damascene, an ages old armourists’ technique for inlaying silver and gold on steel. Jones fascination for Damascene is inspired from an exhibit she saw 10 years ago of Japanese sword guards when she saw such delicate artistry used to decorate and enhance instruments of brutality and war.

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September 2 – October 4, 2011

These Okanagan based artist’s unique talents are a combination of hooked rugs and porcelain functional ware.

Robertsons’ hooked rugs tell a detailed story embroidered into the fabric before being hooked. She favours natural fibres and chooses these for each rug with foresight.

Frioud’s white porcelain line explores ‘stitching’ and ‘wrapping’ within a series of functional limited productions.

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October 7 – November 1, 2011

This exciting gallery will offer a glimpse of the 38th annual Circle Craft Christmas Market in the Vancouver Convention Centre West. These artists are representing over 275 exhibitors that will participate in the 2011 show from November 9 – 13th, tickets will be available online and at the store.


November 3 - December 1, 2011

Jeffries presentation is a series of tableau, titled ‘Suspended Moments’. Each piece represents moments in life when one would feel suspended in or by everyday situations.

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